About Us

We’re dedicated to bringing the Higher Taste of whole-foods cuisine to the Low Country. While our area has become a food destination, there are tribes of folks that have felt left out: vegetarians, vegans, health nuts, and the gluten-free are tired of the same old steamed veggie plates. Nourishment is our mission and we know that everyone will eat healthy meals if they taste great.

We don’t use any fillers, preservatives, artificial colors, or GMO’s. Our coffees and teas are organic and our deserts are delicious and guilt-free. Our organic juices are super-foods to give you pure energy.

Whether you’re trying to eat healthy one day a week or everyday, we’re dishing up the goodness of organic produce, as locally grown as possible. This food has soul power! The secret ingredients in our flavorful dishes are farm-freshness and a sincere desire to share the goodness of whole foods
Jenan McClain – mompreneur

The birth of her daughter just over a year ago became a life-changing event that ultimately led to the creation of Purée. As a pregnant mom, she’d dedicated herself to eating the freshest organic meals possible. Having been a vegetarian for years, she delved deeper into the healing and nourishing foods needed through pregnancy. Isla was born in March of 2011 and the journey gained depth. As she looked for healthy, organic meals for her and her family she realized the need for a restaurant that provided delicious, scratch made meals free of hormones and chemicals.

Voila, Puree! With the full support of her husband Bryant, the mission began. Early in 2012, they found a small cottage in Mt. Pleasant that has become home to the World’s first Puree. It has been a labor of love dedicated to the next generation. Jenan’s goal is to provide a home away from home atmosphere for healthy meals for the whole family!
Maureen McNellis – Head Chef

Maureen’s background as a professional chef and health food advocate is a perfect fit for Puree’s mission. She’s a food lover who knows the healing strength of freshly prepared foods that are sourced expertly and combined properly. She has specialized in working with food allergies and other health ailments while informed by the Five Elements scholasticism of Chinese food-based medicine. The role of our food and self-healing is a focus in Maureen’s life, both personally and professionally. Maureen lives to share the knowledge that you can change your health and your life by making just a few changes to your diet…it really is that simple!

Maureen’s thirst for knowledge took her to the world’s most acclaimed whole foods culinary school: the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York City. After graduating from the chef’s training program, Maureen went further to expand her knowledge of food’s healing role by attending the Kushi institute for Macrobiotics. Her diverse background as a chef for the Sha wellness clinic in Spain, head chef in Greece for the Yoga plus studio, as well as a chef for an impressive list of high profile celebrities, have shown that she wants to share this vital knowledge: a local, sustainable, plant-based diet is the key to being successful in the health of the mind, body and spirit. Her creations are inspired to help us thrive, not just survive!
Rachel Hammer – Marketing Assistant

With a recent move to the Isle of Palms from Charlotte, Rachel brought her talents to the beach! Her work experience in customer service and inventory as a Professional Administrative Assistant are vital skills she brings to the Puree team. She graduated from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC with a BA in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing. As our official Marketing Assistant, she’ll be helping us find the families in Charleston that want to the freshest, healthiest, meals in town! It’s a team effort at the new café and Rachel brings a great attitude and high energy to help our customers enjoy their visit.